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We are world-renowned experts in product formulations, ingredient processing and particle coating solutions within the food & beverage and nutraceutical ingredient industries. Our Technical Service team is uniquely capable of crafting customized solutions to meet any manufacturing challenge.

Allow us to customize a solution for your business at one of our two state-of-the-art facilities that offer unparalleled flexibility and scalability to both large companies and growing enterprises.

We operate fully-scalable fluid bed processors capable of guiding your project from benchtop R&D trials all the way to full-scale, ongoing production.

With decades of on-hand experience creating unique particle structures, our Processing Solutions will meet all of your agglomerating, granulating and instantizing needs.

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We utilize a proprietary-designed fluid bed microencapsulation technology which offers cost-effective and efficient solutions for baking, confections, deli meats, dairy, functional foods and supplements.

Our techniques allow us to handle a wide variety of products, and no project is too large or small.

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We manufacture proprietary, specialty ingredients that are designed with today's discerning, health-conscious consumer in mind.

We have ingredient solutions that are all-natural, organic and kosher certified and manufactured to the highest quality standards that will enhance your products and surpass all of your customers' expectations.

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The success of our business is determined by the sucess of your business.

Almost all of our ingredient solutions are customized to meet the specific needs of our customer's application. That is why we seek to create a partnership and ongoing collaboration between our Technical Services team and your product development staff.

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